7 Billion Presidents

We build companies that give 100% of their profit to making Life better for EveryOne

In deze sessie doet de ambitieuze beweging 7 Billion Presidents uit de doeken hoe we samen heel praktisch kunnen investeren in een gezonde planeet waar we allemaal mede-eigenaar van zijn.
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(deze sessie is in het Nederlands en Engels)

For centuries, we have developed a distorted way of living and have treated each other and this little planet we like to call home in the same distorted way.
Our values have turned upside down. Instead of enjoying each day with love and kindness towards ourselves and others, we have been thrown into a race where, to win, we have to leave others behind and run as fast as we can to reach an elusive “happiness” that is being sold to us. Well, we don’t buy it. We don’t buy this greed disguised as “happiness”. We take ourselves out of the race and we walk backwards to help whoever is on the ground, stand up. We help each other because we understand that our future is bound together.

7BP makes products in the most sustainable way and compensates for its carbon footprint by planting trees. Collaborating with local businesses and creating local 7BP companies to ‘Build The New’ together, we build a society that creates space for life to thrive.
Rather than taking away from life on this planet, 7 Billion Presidents protects and restores, enabling life to regenerate, helping to stabilize the climate.
In practice, 7 Billion Presidents invests all profit from its products to install more renewable energy plants. From the money generated by these energy plants, 79% is used to install more renewable energy, with the remaining 21% equally divided between social projects, regeneration projects and starting a 7 Billion Presidents company in a low-income country.

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